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Marseilles in March • presentation

directed by Comolli Jean-Louis

March 1993, Marseilles, the parliamentary elections. Jean-Louis Comolli and Michel Samson add a new chapter to their "saga" about political life in Marseilles, which began with "Marseilles from Father to Son" and was followed by "The Campaign in Provence" (about the 1992 local elections). This ambitious undertaking should reach its fruition in 1999 with the completion of the film "Ten Years with Marseilles". This third chapter, "Marseilles in March" is situated in the midst of an electoral campaign, where we again meet up with most of the protagonists from "Marseilles from Father to Son"; this time they are involved in political discussions on the notion of democracy, the future of parties, differences between the left and right, etc.
Documentaire of 52mn - Year of production : 1994
A co-production Archipel 33, La Sept Arte
with support from Centre National de la Cinématographie, Commission Télévision de la Procirep, and the City of Marseilles