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Corpus Christi • les intervenants

Christian-Bernard Amphoux

specialist in the history of the texts and language of the New Testament. He is a researcher at the CNRS. He has most notably published An Introduction to New Testament Textual Criticism (with Léon Vaganay), as well as La Parole qui devint Évangile and L’Évangile selon Matthieu, Codex de Bèze.

Moshe Bar-Asher

He is a linguist who teaches at the University of Jerusalem. He has served as the President of the Academy of Hebraic languages of Israel and has published numerous articles on Semitic languages their history and grammar.

Marie-Emile Boismard

Expert in textual criticism and a specialist in the Gospel According to John, has worked for over half a century at the Biblical and Archeological School of Jerusalem. With P. Benoit and A. Lamouille, he edited three volumes of La Synapse des Evangiles, a reference work translated around the world.

Alan Culpepper

Specialist in the Gospel According to John from the perspective of narrative criticism. He has published Anatomy of the Fourth Gospel, A Study in Literary Design and John, the Son of Zebedee: the Life of a Legend.

Joseph A. Fitzmyer

Professor emeritus at the Catholic University of America in Washington. An extensively published author, he is a specialist in the Gospel According to Luke and in the Semitic origins of evangelical texts.

Ennio Floris

Originally from Naples, Ennio Floris holds a doctorate in theology from the Angelicum of Rome and one in philosophy from Geneva University. In his Sous le Christ, Jesus, he developed a method of referential analysis of the Gospels.

Sean Freyne

Specialist in the social and political history of Galilee in the 1st century, is a professor of theology at Trinity College, Dublin University and a member of the editorial committee of Concilium, and international publication of religion.

Pierre Geoltrain

Director of studies at the Ecole Pratique des Hautes-Etudes in Paris, specializes in the history of ideas and the origins of Christianity. Together with Francois Bovon, he edited the first global French edition of Christian apocryphal books. Deceased in 2004.

Christian Grappe

Professor of the New Testament at the School of Protestant Theology at the University of Strasbourg who works primarily on the original Christianity of the Church of Jerusalem.

Pierre Grelot

Honorary professor at the Catholic Institute of Paris, is the author of more than 20 works on exegesis and biblical theology as well as a contributor to numerous encyclopedias and collective volumes.

Martin Hengel

Professor Emeritus of the New Testament and Jewish Antiquities at the University of Tubingen. After his classic text The Zealots in 1961, his books have been translated into nine languages. His work includes Crucifixion in the Ancient World and the Folly of the Message of the Cross (Augsburg Fortress Publishers, 1977), The Prechristian Paul, Judaica et Hellenistica (1996), and Paul Between Damascus and Antioch (1997).

Eric Junod

Specialist in primitive Christianity, teaches the history of Christianity at Lausanne University. Many of his published writings explore the apocrypha of the New Testament, including the Gospel According to Peter.

Jean-Pierre Lémonon

Dean of the theology faculty at the Catholic University of Lyon, specializing in New Testament exegesis and first century history.

Malcolm Lowe

Member of the ecumenical Theological Research Fraternity in Israel, is the editor of the publication Immanuel. His speciality is the Christian-Jewish dialogue in the New Testament.

Hyam Maccoby

Professor at Leo Baeck College in London, was once the editor-in-chief of The Jewish Quarterly. His published works include Revolution in Judea (Jesus and the Jewish Resistance), Judas Iscariot and the Myth of Jewish Evil, A Pariah People: The Anthropology of Anti-Semitism.

Daniel Marguerat

Dean of the Faculty of Protestant Theology at the University of Lausanne, is the author of several important works about Jesus and the birth of Christianity, including The First Christian Historian: Writing the “Acts of the Apostles” (Society for New Testament Studies Monograph S.) (Cambridge University Press, 2001).

Frans Neirynck

Professor emeritus at the University of Louvain, is the author of numerous scientific articles dedicated to the study of the various texts of the New Testament.

Etienne Nodet

Former pupil of the Polytechnique School and a Dominican of the French Biblical and Archeological school at Jerusalem. He assumed the translation for The Commentaries of Flavius Josephe’s Jewish Antiquities for Le Cerf.

Enrico Norelli

Professor at the Faculty of the Free University of Geneva. His publications focus on the apocrypha, the apologists, Marcion, and the exegesis of the ancient Christians.

Charles Perrot

Honorary professor at the Catholic Institute of Paris is a specialist in Judaism at the time of Jesus, is the author of Jesus et l’histoire, a well-known reference book on the historic question regarding Jesus and Judeo-Christianity of early times.

Emile Puech

Epigraphist whose work has appeared in publications around the world, is the director of research at the CNRS and is the codirector-in-chief of studying the Dead Sea Manuscripts from the Qumran site.

Jean-Marie Sévrin

Member of the Theology and Canonic Law Faculty of the Catholic University of Louvain La Neuve, is a specialist in the Gospels According to John and in Gnostic Coptic writings.

Daniel Schwartz 

Professor in the Department of Jewish History at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is the author of Agrippa I: The Last King of Judea (1990) and Studies in the Jewish Background of Christianity (1992).
He is currently preparing an edition of Second livre des Macchabees for which he will also provide the translation.

Guy Stroumsa

He founded the Center for the Study of Christianity at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. A specialist in Gnosticism, his notable publications include Secrecy and Concealment (Brill, 1995) and Hidden Wisolom: Esoteric Traditions and the Roots of Christian Mysticism (1996). With Jacques Le Brun, he wrote Les Juifs présentés aux Chrétiens (Les Belles Lettres, 1998), La fin du sacrifice, 2005

Gerd Theissen

He teaches the New Testament at the Protestant Theological Seminary of the University of Heidelberg, is a specialist in the sociology of Palestine during the 1st century. His publications include The Shadow of the Galilean, Social Reality and the Early Christians, and The Historical Jesus : A Comprehensive Guide.

Etienne Trocmé

Professor emeritus at the University of Human Sciences at Strasbourg, has held many positions there, including Dean of the Faculty of Protestant Theology. He also led the Revue of Religious History and Philosophy. Among his publications are The Formation of the Gospel According to Mark, The Passion as Liturgy, and The Childhood of Christianity. Deceased in 2002.

Joe Zias

Anthropologist at the Israeli Department of Classics at the Rockefeller Museum, is a specialist in the study of the only crucified remains ever discovered.