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School Law • presentation
Day after day, for an entire school year, Mariana Otero filmed students in a middle school located in the heart of an underpriveleged Paris suburb. In the classrooms, in the principal's office, during advisory and disciplinary board meetings, when things were going well and when things were going badly: Otero captured the every-day, extraordinary and dramatic moments of life at school. The school, with all its rules, penalities and rewards, is where the ten to sixteen year old students learn how to live in society. The series reveals the complexity of the relationship these young people, mostly from troubled socioeconomic backgrounds, have with the "school law".
A documentary saga of 6x26 mn directed by Mariana Otero - Year of production: 1994
A coproduction Archipel 33, La Sept Arte, Périphérie Production, Centre Georges Pompidou
With participation from Centre National de la Cinématographie, Documentary - Programme of MEDIA, Commission Télévision de la Procirep, Programme Développement Solidarité de la Caisse des Dépôts, Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles


image and direction



voice-over written by
read by





Mariana Otero

Manuel Naudin

Anne Weil

Jérôme Prieur
Isabel Otero

Hugues Le Bars

Nicolas Joly 


Denis Freyd 


Year of production:

Documentary Serie
6 x 26 mn
Video -  color