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Marseilles versus Marseilles • presentation
This political fable is acted out during the June 1995 municipal elections in Marseilles. In the North Districts, the most popular party is an association called North Ambition; its members are supporters of Bernard Tapie, and men of the streets who love their city and want to play an active role in its future. They decide to help Tapie become mayor of Marseilles, so that he in turn will help them win the mayorships of the North Districts and crush the traditional Communist domination. Unfortunately "the Messiah" undergoes trying times. There are a number of trials, as well as several convictions. Nevertheless, the North Ambition "Tapists" keep on hoping. Maybe Tapie can no longer become mayor, but he can still lend them his support. Their hopes are soon dashed. Tapie gives his support to the Communist/Socialist alliance. The moral of the story? -- little fish are always eaten by bigger fish in the end, and anything can happen!
Documentary of 1h28 - Year of production: 1996
A co-production Archipel 33, 13 Production, La Sept Arte, Ina
With support from Centre National de la Cinématographie, Commission Télévision de la Procirep, and the city of Marseilles.

a film by
written in collaboration with



original music


Jean-Louis Comolli
Anne Baudry and Michel Samson

Michel Samson, Pierre Lopresti, Armand Paggiolo, Pierre Caravano, Roger Ruzé

Jean-Louis Porte
Jean-François Priester 
Anne Baudry 
André Jaume 
Brigitte Vayron, Benoît Ménager

Denis Freyd – Archipel 33
Paul Saadoun – 13 Productions



Year of production:

video -  color