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Atlantic Island • presentation
It is an island - but it is a geographic métaphor - a provincial city where children are bored. There are between 7 and 14 years old. At night when all think they’re sleeping, they go out from their house to visit houses, villas, properties. They break into houses for gaming, for challenge, for idleness. The excitement is more important than the loot itself. Unfortunately, one night, a woman dies by heart attack and aonther one is murdered by her husband who takes advantage of the situation. The police cannot close her eyes anymore. A policeman arrives to the island to investigate the case.... but this investigation is an illusion. Atlantique Island is not playing in the police realms. It is playing on the intimacy realms and the family secrets....
Year of production: 2005 - Duration: 1h31
Directed by Gérard Mordillat
Cast: Catherine Jacob, Franck de la Personne, Marianne Basler, Julie Jézéquel, Jean-Damien Barbin, Patrice Valota, Judith Burnett, Luc Thuillier, Jacques Pater
A coproduction Archipel 33, Arte France with participation from Centre National de la Cinématographie