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Now and at the Hour of our Death • presentation
Throughout his very short life, Luc Dietrich, the author of the novel «L’Apprentissage de la Ville» and the hero of this film, was constantly swinging back and forth between a life of abject poverty and one of wealth and luxury; between Lucrèce, a young woman he idealized and Arlette, a woman of the world who had saved his life; between the ascetic temptation of a spiritual, philosophical quest and the more destructive temptation of a life of crime and its secrecy. Luc's education is first and foremost an education in women, in the dark secret of the streets, in closed windows, in the violence of a knife fight, or in a smile rejected, in wandering, in the world, in the great and the small,in the city which protects him, where he lays himself open....

Fiction – Duration: 1h36 - Year of production: 2000
Cast: Camille Clavel, Florence Thomassin, Marc Barbé, Elodie Navarre, Jacques Pater, Luc Thuillier, Marie Denarnaud
Based upon «L’Apprentissage de la Ville» by Luc Dietrich - Editions Denoël
A coproduction Archipel 33 – La Sept Arte with participation from Centre National de la Cinématographie