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The Convoy • Presentation
What kind of people dedicate themselves to humanitarian causes today? Why do they commit themselves, sometimes to the point of risking their lives? This film follows the odyssey of three aid workers who are transporting food to Armenia by truck: Amine, 30, who has decided to do this type of work after completing a rehab program; Papy, 62, formerly head of a trucking company who was forced into early retirement, and Jerome, 20, who has just barely come out of a stormy adolescence. Alone at the wheels of their 38-ton trucks, they spend several weeks traveling across Germany, Poland, the Ukraine, Russia and Georgia to reach Erevan. They are faced with problems which are political (e.g. check-points, transit visas, and the war in Chechnya) as well as climatic (e.g. icy roads, and crossing the snow-covered Caucasus mountains). The film lays bare the everyday reality of humanitarian operations.

documentary of 52 and 88mn – Year of production: 1995
a coproduction Archipel 33, Arte, France 2 with participation from Centre National de la Cinématographie and Commission Télévision de la Procirep

author and director





a coproduction

with participation from

Patrice Chagnard

Raymond Vidonne assisted by Laurent Quaesaet

Pierre Carrasco and Thierry Moizan

Dominique Faysse

Cheb Mami, No One Is Innocent, Le huit de choeur

Archipel 33, La Sept Arte, France 2

du Centre National de la Cinématographie and Commission Télévision de la Procirep

producerDenis Freyd 
Visa n°:
Year of production:
52mn and 1h28
35mm - color