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The Resistance, standing the test of Time • presentation
The French Resistance, a fraction of the 'black years' of the Occupation, is still the focus of vivid memories sixty years later. During the Liberation, the Resistance movement became a glorious souvenir, especially as presented by the political class, with the approval, practically in league with the resistors and those who contented themselves with being 'resistors' when the time was right. The Resistance left its marks on most of the governments of the IV and V Republics before its memory progressively faded and was replaced by questioning France's position during the Occupation, and denunciation of the darker aspects of France's 'collaboration' with the Nazis. The film follows the evolution of this memory by asking ex-resistance members, both prestigious and anonymous, to comment on the major events that involved them in the resistance movement that has marked French history over the past sixty years. Through what they have to say, we see what the Resistance movement really was then, and what it represents now.
Documentary of 74 mn – Year of production: 2004
A coproducton Archipel33, Ina Entreprise, Arte France with support from Centre National de la Cinématographie, du Ministère des Affaires Etrangères, du Ministère de la Défense (Direction de la Mémoire, du Patrimoine et des Archives), Procirep and Angoa/Agicoa

author and director

historical consultant



a coproduction

with support from

Pierre Beuchot

Jean-Pierre Azéma

Jacques Bouquin
Patrick Allex 
Françoise Collin

Denis Freyd

Archipel 33, Ina Entreprise, Arte France

Centre National de la Cinématographie, Ministère des Affaires Etrangères, Ministère de la Défense - Direction de la Mémoire, du Patrimoine et des Archives – Procirep and Angoa-Agicoa


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74 mn
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