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The Budding Fourth Estate • Presentation
They're a little over twenty years of age and in their last year of school at the "Practical School of Journalism". They want to become reporters for the press, radio or television. But when will they learn journalism? Although journalism is by no means an exact science, the teaching methods employed cover the ethical aspects of reporting as well as an analysis of the expectations of various types of publics. Taught by professional journalists, students simulate radio and television news broadcasts and write articles for the press. Then comes the time to prepare for the competitions awarding entry into the major media syndicates, during the course of which students find themselves confronted with renowned personalities of journalism. When at last they take their first steps in the field, they discover that the work of a journalist is not always quite what they had imagined it to be. Observing the transfer of knowledge and experience from professional journalists to these future reporters teaches us as much about our own condition as reader, listener or viewer as it does about the art of journalism.
documentary of 53 mn - Year of production: 2001
a coproduction Archipel 33 - France 3 with participation from Centre National de la Cinématographie and Commission Télévision de la Procirep

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Gerry Meaudre

Eric Vaucher and Murielle Damain
Charlotte Tourres
Jean Pierre Bordiau
Jean-François Holluigue
Claudie Decultis

Jean-Pascal Boffo

a coproduction Archipel 33 - France 3 
with participation fromCentre National de la Cinématographie and Commission Télévision de la Procirep
Year of production :
53 mn
video - 16/9° - color