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Traders • presentation
This documentary is an investigation of the work and passions of stock market floor traders. It takes us to the trading floor, where the world is laid bare, where everything has meaning and is expressed in terms of loss or gain: from the news of a leader's bill of health to a declaration of war. Traders watch the world spectacle from center front row seats. Even before government officials, they hear news that influences their positions. On a human level, i.e. a tangible, subjective level, the film attempts to capture the inner workings of financial markets. There traders are far more than just go-betweens, they are themselves financial players. Behind the scenes, they pull the strings of speculation. Speculation is everywhere; it is part of being human. To put it simply, speculation is thought, or the mastery of a system of meaning.

Documentary of 50 mn - Year of production 2001
A coproduction Archipel 33 - Arte France with participation from Centre National de la Cinématographie, Commission Télévision de la Procirep



Eric Rochant

Raphaël O’Byrne
Eric Vaucher
Pascale Fenouillet

Denis Freyd 
a coproduction Archipel 33 - Arte France 
with participation fromCentre National de la Cinématographie, Commission Télévision de la Procirep
Year of production :
50 mn
Video - 16/9° - Color