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This is your Television too! • presentation
Over a period of several months Mariana OTERO has been looking through the uncompromising lens of her camera at the realities of life behind the scenes at a commercial TV station. The Portuguese channel SIC has agreed to go along with the project, and has given the film-maker free run of the station in its entirety. In spite of its recent arrival on the scene, SIC has conquered 50% of the Portuguese market, which makes it one of the most brilliant success stories in Europe in the audiovisual field. From programming meetings, selling commercial time, audience analyses, editorial staff meetings, to production on variety shows and soap-operas : the film-maker reveals the efficiency and logic that makes a commercial TV station work.The film is structured like a kind of lesson - at the end the viewer will have learned a little more about the space allotted to him in the world of television.
A documentary of 60 mn - Year of production: 1997
A coproduction Archipel 33 - La Sept Arte - SP Filmes with participation from Centre National de la Cinématographie and support from Commission Télévision de la Procirep, IPACA and RTBF (Belgium TV)


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Mariana Otero

Quintino Bastos
Dominique Faysse
Joao Ribeiro et Rui Poças
Thierry Moizan
a coproduction Archipel33, La Sept Arte, SP Filmes 
with the participation from Centre National de la Cinématographie 
and the support from  Commission Télévision de la Procirep, IPACA and RTBF (Belgium TV)
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60 mn
Video -  Color