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The Rashevski's Tango
The story starts with the death of Rosa, the grandmother. She hated religion and rabbis. Yet, she had bought a burial site in the Jewish square of the cemetery. Her family, the Rashevskis are completely lost. Suddenly, they feel concerned and they realise they don't really know each other. They often disagree: they don't know how to bury her. They miss her already, and the burial is only the beginning of their new lives without Rosa. Indeed, the Rashevskis begin to raise questions about their identities and live out their very personal adventures, as if their lives were not complicated enough. Thank God !? (What God ?), they can Tango!
Relase dat France: 3rd September 2003 - Year of production: 2003
Directed by Sam Garbarski
Cats: Hippolyte Girardot, Ludmila Mikaël, Michel Jonasz, Daniel Mesguich, Nathan Cogan, Jonathan Zaccaï, Tania Garbarski, Rudi Rosenberg, Selma Kouchy, Moscu Alcalay
A coproduction Archipel 35, Entre Chien et Loup, Samsa Film in association with Ateliers de Baere, WFE, RTBF (Belgian TV), AB3 - Length: 1h36 - Theatrical release: Rezo Films

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