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The last days of Imanuel Kant
Königsberg at the dawning of the nineteenth century. In his house outside of the city, the famous philosopher Immanuel Kant lives out his last days. Before leaving this life behind, among other things we will see him: Having his portrait done by a one-eyed silhouette artist.
Going through his very elaborate yet efficient ritual for going to bed, sleeping, getting up, getting dressed and having his coffee.
Celebrating in song the supremacy of February over the other eleven months.
Sharing the unsolvable mystery of Königsberg's bridges.
Putting out the flames after his wig has caught fire.
Setting off on what is to be his last stroll...
Theatrical release France: 27th March 1996 - Year of production: 1990
Directed by Philippe Collin
Cast: David Warrilow, André Wilms, Roland Amstutz, Réginald Huguenin, Hélène Roussel, Alain Rimoux, Alain Mac-Moy
A coproduction Archipel 33 - La Sept Arte - Pierre Grise Productions
Length: 1h10. Released by: Les Films du Paradoxe

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