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Origin of Christianity • presentation
Relying upon the only existing sources which bear witness to this history, Origin of Christianity tells the story of the emergence of this new religion in just over a century from the period between Jesus' death around 30 and the time when Christianity would make a definitive break away from Judaism, around 150. The Directors question the leading world specialists in fields as diverse as exegesis, epigraphy, textual criticism, linguistics, the history of Judaism, the study of the apocryphal texts, and patristics, among others. Through chronological reconstruction and cross-examination, they are able to sum up of the state of contemporary research in quite a spectacular way, and to put forward the hypotheses being formed today by researchers in Paris, Tübingen, Jerusalem, Lausanne, Harvard and Cambridge. The papyruses, parchment papers and manuscripts are shown systematically, as are the early writings of the Fathers of the Church and the oldest apocryphal texts. A vast enquiry in which listening to the experts, examining clues and proof, as well as the confrontations of contradicting interpretations make it possible to explore the creation of Christianity within Judaism, followed by its split with the mother religion.

A documentary series of 10 x 52 mn - Year of production : 2003
Directed by Gérard Mordillat and Jérôme Prieur
A coproduction Archipel 35 - Arte with participation and support from Centre National de la Cinématographie, Procirep and Angoa-Agicoa
DVD Edition: Arte France Développement