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The Apocalypse • presentation
After CORPUS CHRISTI and ORIGIN OF CHRISTIANITY, this third series will explore the rapid expansion of a new religion between the late 1st century and the early 5th century, to describe how the messianism of a marginal Jewish movement that was entirely focused on Israel, on the expectation of the End of Time, which was persecuted by the Roman authorities, would become a religion separate from Judaism. How this religion would conquer western society as a whole, after being consecrated the state religion, the official – and sole — religion of the Roman Empire in 380. The Apocalypse – as the last book of the New Testament, as the incarnation of the return of Christ in majesty, as a theological, philosophical, and political concept – is the point of departure for this new inquiry which will take us as far as the sacking of Rome and to Saint Augustine’s City of God. We will analyze how an orthodoxy came to be defined, how a canon of Scriptures, a New Testament and a doctrine were constituted; how gradually a power parallel to that of the Empire, a power which was initially repressed but then gained in influence, established itself. It will try to recount how the “triumphal march” of Christianity was punctuated by one seemingly insurmountable obstacle after another: of competing doctrines, excommunications and ecumenical councils, and how the oppositions, the persecutions, the disputes and the heresies ended up contributing to the power of the new world religion.

A Documentary series of 12 x 52mn
A coproduction Archipel 33, Arte France with participation from Centre National de la Cinématographie and support from Région Ile-de-France, Procirep - Sociétés des Producteurs and Angoa.
To be broadcast on ARTE France from 3rd to 20th December 2008