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In A Red Fire Truck
Charlotte does temp work, José is a cashier in a casino and Patrice works in a funeral parlor. Jean-Marc is a karaoke host, Sarah is unemployed and Momo is still in high school. They live in Vizille, a small town in the French Alps. What they have in common is youth, a love of action and the desire to help others. They are volonteer firefighters. Rushing out on a run in the middle of the night, the sudden blast of stress and adrenaline, the exhaustion, the rescue missions that succeed, and the ones that don't… What are they looking for via these strong emotions, these images that stay with them and even haunt their dreams? In their red firetrucks, to the rhythm of all-nighters, then up again at daybreak, of false alarms and great distress, they face the mysteries of life and death.
Length: 1h30 -  Year of production: 2005
Directed by Patrice Chagnard
Genre: documentary
A coproduction Archipel 35 - FMB2 Films
Theatrical release in France: 4th january 2006 by Diaphana Distribution
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